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Here you will find my portfolio of pieces I have created, past and present.  Many pieces are one of a kind while others can be created again and again.  All items are handmade by me.  Custom orders are always welcome! Click on any category above for a peek at my collection.   Purchases can be made through my Etsy shop: or by contacting me directly.  To keep up with my latest work.... follow me on Facebook!

Are you a bride to be??? I do weddings too. . . for the bride. . . bridesmaids. . . mother of the bride.  Contact me and we'll work out all the details!
Discover the benefits of therapeutic gemstones!  The energies of the stones go to work dissolving energetic blockages and producing beneficial changes in the body, mind and emotions.  Whether you are seeking strength, emotional support, spiritual uplifting or physical healing, you can easily find it all in gemstones.  Think of it as Wellness Jewelry!  Powerful benefits can be obtained simply by wearing therapeutic gems.

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